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What is SenzaCaster®?

Setting The New Standard For Broadcasting.

Forget about bulky, heavy, heat-generating gear with its noisy fans, and rack-mounted computers. Say goodbye to specially installed VLAN, or dedicated and expensive IP data lines. You'll never have to worry about static IP addresses, knobs, buttons, or dials again.

SenzaCaster® is the first true plug-and-play solution for transmitting high quality video signals across the internet. Open the box, connect the power cable, your HD-SDI with embedded audio, and simply plug into any RJ-45 internet connection. That's it!

With our revolutionary DASHBOARD, the entire line of SenzaCaster® products can be remotely managed from anywhere in the world. You no longer need to hire an engineer for your remote transmissions. From now on all you will need is a packing slip for shipping.


Twice The Effectiveness, At A Fraction Of Conventional Costs.

One-Way Transmission

When you need to backhaul your high quality signal from the origination site to your studio, headend, streaming encoder or destination venue, SenzaCaster® can handle any task.


With our software player, you now have the flexibility to have your live program viewed from an unlimited number of venues.

At your remote venue, simply hook up your PC or MAC to a projector or large screen and you now have a broadcast quality signal for your audience to view. PERFECT for live symposiums, training and corporate meetings.

Two-Way Interactive

By managing latency and including an integrated IFB (interrupt foldback), SenzaCaster® is your perfect solution to bringing remote guests into your program.

For a fraction of the cost, you can bring your remote guest into your local venue with full two-way interactivity.

Discover Unrivaled Versatility

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Best Practices

SenzaCaster® delivers studio-quality video over unmanaged IP networks. To ensure seamless integration into your existing IP infrastructure, we offer these simple recommendations:


  • Power - 85-264 Volts AC.
  • Video Source - HD/SD SDI with Embedded Audio.
  • Internet - Industry Standard RJ-45 Connection.

Technical Specifications

This Is The Cutting-Edge In Internet-Borne Video Technology.


POWER (internal power supply):

85-264 Volts AC, 47- 440 Hz
Protection Class II

The All New SenzaCaster® Network Health App

To determine whether your existing internet connection is ready for SenzaCaster® Technology, simply enter your email and we'll send you the downloadable application.