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January 10, 2017
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February 1, 2017

SenzaCaster® as a Managed Service



by Scott Levine, Chief Operating Officer
Senza Tech, LLC

“MCommerce”…”Value Added”…”Customer Focused”

The buzzwords just don’t stop. Is it really worth a new convolution of the English language just to appear relevant? And do we really need experts that tell you whether it’s a good buzzword or a bad buzzword. I’ve given up on Freemium, H2H and Thinking Outside the Box, but I HAVE been intrigued by a buzzword that actually means what it says…Managed Services.

By definition, Managed Services is “…the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.”

Makes sense, right? When I formulated the concept behind Senza Tech, LLC and our patented SenzaCaster® Technology, this was exactly what I had in mind…a simple Plug & Play solution for transmitting high definition video over an unmanaged public internet infrastructure with minimal responsibility from the end user. I wanted the client to call us, tell us when and where their event was happening and free them to worry about their creative and their presentation…not the technology. Senza Tech would take care of interfacing with house IT and their Technical Crew. The designated recipient of the SenzaCaster® would merely have to plug the device into an internet port and our client would have satellite quality video in real time at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional technology.




The model really does makes sense. First of all, with the SenzaCaster®, there are minimal up-front costs to get started. Consider a managed service/lease model vs. an equipment purchase model. A purchase is going to require a large outlay of cash, or perhaps a bank loan. And then for tax purposes, the purchase is going to have to be amortized over the life of the product. In contrast, the lease or rental payment can usually be deducted as an immediate business expense, converting the “purchase” from a capital expense to an operational expense. You can forget about those depreciation and amortization schedules.

In our model, end user responsibility for maintenance is non-existent. In fact, the SenzaCaster® polls the cloud server each time its plugged in to confirm that the latest software is on-board. When a new software package is released, the SenzaCaster® recognizes this and automatically downloads and installs the latest version of its command and control software. We like to think of it as pre-emptive maintenance.

Our engineers can monitor the health of your device and your connection and many times, find and fix issues before they become problems. As we all know, technology changes quickly …how many new iPhone cases have you bought in the last five years? Managed service by nature is version-proof. So, when we roll out a hardware upgrade, as our client, you’re ensured of an upgraded device being delivered to you.

In a purchased model, the manufacturer actually benefits when they need to fix your problem or when your purchase needs upgrades. Conversely, in a managed service model the vendor is rewarded for positive performance. A managed service makes money when the things go smoothly.




So aside from the unsurpassed quality, product versatility and operational simplicity, there are a lot of reasons that the SenzaCaster® may be the right choice for you and your project. Whether broadcast television, distance teaching-learning or even the convenience of a corporate executive making a remote appearance, the HaaS/Managed Services of the SenzaCaster® may be an equally compelling reason to give it a try.

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