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January 17, 2017
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February 16, 2017

Live Transmission between Azerbaijan and the United States


Live Transmission between Azerbaijan and the United States

“The SenzaCasters® performed flawlessly."



Senza Tech, LLC recently provided transmission services for an international pharmaceutical company’s Global Town Hall Meeting. Simultaneous multi-camera events in Baku, Azerbaijan and Parsippany, NJ/USA were linked together to form a truly global experience. The high definition, real time, broadcast quality of the SenzaCaster® system performed flawlessly, transmitting over a standard hotel-provided internet connection.

Low latency and broadcast quality allowed presenting executives at both locations to see and hear each other. The audiences also played important team building roles by interacting with their counterparts half way around the world.

According to Senza Tech Chief Operating Officer Scott Levine, “The SenzaCasters® performed flawlessly. Despite the fact that the television standards in both countries are different, SenzaCaster Technology took care of the transcoding in our cloud. We were transmitting three channels of video, half way around the world for over eight hours. In fact, our technology not only tied the audio and video production signals from both locations…we also provided the SenzaComm, a proprietary IP based intercom system that allowed both crews to seamless communicate with each other.”

In addition to the interconnect of venues, the final switched program was transmitted by the SenzaCaster to Senza Tech’s Datacenter where the show was encoded and sent out to the client’s website. Show producers noted that in addition to the ease of use and quality of the signal, they saved over $50,000 compared to traditional transmission schemes.

Senza Tech, LLC, a world leader in the field of portable, lower cost, higher standards driven, cloud-based video solutions was recently awarded a U.S. Patent for their ground breaking SenzaCaster® Technology Command and Control Design. Founded in 2014, the company operates from its global headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJ. For more information contact them at 908-604-9098 or