SenzaCaster® Goes International
January 3, 2017



The founder of Senza Tech seems to think that although there’s still a need for satellite transmission, it’s not the only game in town anymore, and media companies like Discovery Channel, NBCUniversal, Blizzard/Activision, Time, Inc., and global leaders in healthcare, consulting and higher education are all giving a nod to the company’s game-changing SenzaCaster®, the latest disruptor in the world of on-demand, plug-and-play, broadcast quality video.


Basking Ridge, NJ (October 27, 2016) – Wouldn’t it be a game-changer if there was a way to ensure broadcast quality video transmission, from anywhere on earth, using nothing more than a standard internet connection, and at a fraction of the cost of using satellite transmission systems?

Game on. According to the team behind SenzaCaster®, this revolutionary new portable, plug-and-play, secure, video transmission solution ensures compatibility with any current video infrastructure, anywhere in the world.

“SenzaCaster has truly revolutionized video transmission with an easy-to-use, portable, cloud-based solution that is dramatically less expensive than competing satellite and fiber broadcast systems,” explains Senza Tech Founder Scott Levine.

“We are the only company to provide a totally autonomous, plug and play alternative that meets or exceeds traditional HD-SDI video quality and reliability without the use of satellite trucks, reservations, on-site engineering staff or additional cabling,” Levine says.

The SenzaCaster solution as Levine refers to it, is completely self-provisioning. It employs a secure, cloud-based control room, where every single transmission is monitored by Senza Tech’s own technical staff, thus eliminating the need for an on-site engineer. Unlike the complexities of a satellite system solution, SenzaCaster® requires no advance reservations, bulky equipment, physical/geographic limitations, or per-minute charges.

The Senzacaster® is part of the Senza Tech Managed Services Suite, according to Levine, which means the units can be rented or leased as needed, thereby eliminating the need for additional manpower, the expense of training personnel, or the cost to fly engineers across the globe.

“We do the heavy lifting of getting your signal from point A to point B, freeing you to concentrate on your creativity and messaging,” he adds.

“Users of broadcast quality transmission systems have been hindered for years by three things: scheduled satellite availability, complex logistical/physical challenges, and high costs,” admits Levine. “SenzaCaster eliminates all three.”

If the simple, plug-and-play concept isn’t revolutionary enough, SenzaCaster’s packaging is equally striking. Each SenzaCaster® unit is sleekly packaged in a very durable, very bright yellow case that weighs only 15 pounds, and is generally smaller than carry-on luggage. If a lightweight, laptop-sized case, built to withstand rugged shipping, can be considered sexy, then SenzaCaster® is indeed sexy.




According to Levine, there are three tests that potential users need to ask themselves, to determine whether the SenzaCaster® solution is right for them. “Is one or both of your endpoints an ad-hoc location? Do you require broadcast quality video? And, finally, do you need real-time transmission? If you answer yes to these questions then the answer is simple…SenzaCaster® is for you.”

Several of Senza Tech’s clients use SenzaCaster® as an on-ramp to transmit live events, where broadcast quality video is imperative and the cost of satellite trucks is prohibitive. Recently, TLC, part of the Discovery Network’s family of global networks, relied on SenzaCaster to broadcast a live block party on air. TLC was able to keep the feed from Soldier Field in Chicago, up and running directly into the Discovery Studios for over six hours, without having to worry about metering fees, which can cost anywhere from $450 to $900 per hour. The feedback was just what Senza Tech’s team of engineers wanted to hear.

“The TLC team and I loved working with the SenzaCaster at the TLC Block Party! It was clean and crisp and clear and provided us with an excellent alternative to our standard broadcast form of transmission. We will be using it again in the future,” declares an executive at Discovery Networks.

SenzaCaster® isn’t just a darling of major broadcast networks and production companies. A number of well-known journalism schools have expressed interest in signing on with Senza Tech to incorporate its slick new technology into their curricula.

Interestingly, Senzacaster® is fast becoming the new de facto in medical distance “teaching”. Northwestern University School of Medicine is just one of several leading medical schools that is using Senzacaster® to broadcast high definition, real-time surgeries, providing viewers in other countries the opportunity to ask the surgeon details regarding the procedure they’re watching, all in real time.

Corporate enterprise is also taking note. With the phenomenal growth of video serving as a primary sales and marketing tool, the business to business sector of Senza Tech’s clientele is growing fast as more firms adopt the familiar and legitimate look of broadcast television. “Beaming in” an executive into a large meeting, remotely, and at a modest price, has created value-added content for these otherwise local IMAG shows.

“We used Senzacaster for a point-to-point link from Krakow, Poland to Los Angeles, and It worked flawlessly for the entire event,” says Peter Emminger, technical producer at Yellow Light Live. “In fact, its performance and quality was higher than a simultaneous satellite pathway. Working with the Senzacaster team was very smooth and the product is very user-friendly,” adds Emminger.

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