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Television Producers/Directors Corporate Creative Teams/Writers Advertising/Marketing Team Fortune 500 Executives/Admins

Let me ask you some questions.

What would YOU say if…

…arranging a television remote was as simple as sending an email?

…getting live, real time video content from anywhere in the world was as easy as making a phone call?

…sending live video news releases or press junkets was as simple as sending a text message?

…you could be a contributor to your company’s live employee event and be at your daughter’s birthday party 15 minutes later?

…all of these solutions was available in a 15-pound self-contained, rentable, managed service and appliance, that ships anywhere in the world, accepts any broadcast standard signal and can accept power from any standard electrical out.

How about “NO WAY…Impossible.”

…and then
“Thank you…that’s amazing.”

These are some of the responses from our clients who have taken advantage of the SenzaCaster®, a truly Plug & Play device that transmits broadcast quality video in real time over simple, unmanaged public internet connections.


Here are just a few of the challenges we’ve been able to solve with SenzaCaster® Technology.

Challenge #1

Client is doing an event at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. However, the overflow/reception room where the viewing party is located is at the MGM…way down the strip!

Solution #1

SenzaCaster® transmitted the signal from the Venetian through the hotel’s guest internet connection and received it at the MGM where the SenzaCaster® HDSDI output plugged directly into a high-end projector at a fraction of the cost of satellite.

Challenge #2

Your broadcast program requires live link to a remote site in the middle of New York City. Aside from the inconveniences of parking, permitting, cabling and line of site, the program cannot justify the relatively large expense for this small portion of the show.

Solution #2

SenzaCaster® plugged directly into the internet jack at remote site, plugged the camera into the SenzaCaster® and at the production truck, plugged the SenzaCaster® into the internet and fed the output directly into their production switcher.

Challenge #3

Major US broadcaster’s marketing department needs to do live press junkets from around the world. This involves remote acquisition of the interviewee and live interaction with the reporters back at their local station. The problem…how do we get the signal into the network’s existing distribution backbone from locations that are not transmission capable, without the huge expense of satellite trucks..

Solution #3

The client’s annual contract allows the team to carry a SenzaCaster® transmitter with them wherever they go. The rack mount receive unit lives in their broadcast operations center.

Challenge #4

Client proposes an International Virtual Town Hall meeting between Parsippany, NJ and Baku, Azerbaijan. Since there will be participation between both venues, latency is a critical aspect. In addition to multi-hop international satellite expenses, governmental intervention and the technical complexities, the (latency delays) could exceed seven seconds on round trip interactivity.

Solution #4

SenzaCaster® Transmits and Receives at both locations allow seamless interaction. Audiences in New Jersey can easily ask questions of executives in Azerbaijan, all accomplished over the hotel’s guest-network internet connection.

Challenge #5

Renown medical school in the United States requires a way to teach surgeons in other countries their proprietary techniques in an economical way. The limitations of streaming (lower resolution and extremely +MINUTE high latency) make it impractical. Video quality and low latency are a must.

Solution #5

We shipped a SenzaCaster® to the medical school’s operating room and shipped the receive unit to the European Viewing Party. Because of the SenzaCaster® low latency, the participants were able to ask surgeons in real time, what they were doing and why…pertinent questions answered as the procedure is taking place. And with a broadcast quality high definition picture, every detail of the surgery is available for the participants. And at a fraction of the price and complexity of traditional options.


We could go on and on with case studies of corporate executives that participated in an “IMAG SHOW” from their home offices and then were free to spend the day with their children. Or motivational speakers amortizing the expenses of their events by transmitting to Tier Two and Tier Three venues…live and in real time.

Every day we hear of another way that the SenzaCaster® is being used to help our clients achieve successful and creative video transmissions. The tools are out there and they are easy and affordable. The point is…cost and complexity should NEVER be an obstacle to creativity.

Scott Levine is the COO of Senza Tech, LLC. Their SenzaCaster® Technology is disrupting and redefining the traditional broadcast video transmission paradigm. For more information, contact Scott at slevine@senzatech.com.