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About Senza Tech, LLC

Senza Tech, LLC was developed to provide broadcast quality video transmission with an ease of use, availability and economy that has not yet been available to video professionals.

The SenzaCaster® concept was launched in 2013. We wanted to find a cost effective, plug & play solution for transmitting high quality video from point-to-point. And yet, all around us was a burgeoning world of technology. The Internet was connected to everything.

Why were we still relying on complicated, expensive satellite transmission to get broadcast quality sound & video to any location on the planet? On the surface it seemed ridiculous and we set out to come up with a better system.

With our collective expertise the problem never stood a chance. It took an amazing amount of hard work, practical knowledge, and experience just to get started. Then it took the combined efforts of top producers, directors, and engineers in the broadcast and corporate television worlds to pull it all together.

We've created more than just a device - We’ve developed a new paradigm, a less complex, less expensive and highly reliable process for real time video transmission.

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