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About Us

About Senza Tech, LLC

Senza Tech, LLC was developed to provide broadcast quality video transmission with an ease of use, availability and economy that has not yet been available to video professionals.

The SenzaCaster® concept was launched in 2013. We wanted to find a cost effective, plug & play solution for transmitting high quality video from point-to-point. And yet, all around us was a burgeoning world of technology. The Internet was connected to everything.

Why were we still relying on complicated, expensive satellite transmission to get broadcast quality sound & video to any location on the planet? On the surface it seemed ridiculous and we set out to come up with a better system.

With our collective expertise the problem never stood a chance. It took an amazing amount of hard work, practical knowledge, and experience just to get started. Then it took the combined efforts of top producers, directors, and engineers in the broadcast and corporate television worlds to pull it all together.

We've created more than just a device - We’ve developed a new paradigm, a less complex, less expensive and highly reliable process for real time video transmission.

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Who We Are

The Driving Forces behind Senza Tech, LLC

Scott Levine

Chief Operating Officer / Founder

Scott Levine is a multi-camera live television Producer and Director with a vision...to bring Broadcast quality and production value to Business Television.

Five years ago, the dream of a plug and play device that would transmit high definition video signals over the internet became an obsession.

Whether in the studio or on location, domestic or international, Levine's ability to work with companies to realize and visualize their message has made him a well-known and trusted commodity to such clients as Pfizer, Time Magazine, McKinsey & Co., Morgan Stanley, Verizon, General Motors, Google and Deloitte. Levine has also directed news and entertainment programming at broadcast outlets, MSNBC, FOX Business, Discovery Channel and BET.

Scott's goal is to offer his clients the simple implementation of high-end video tools at a cost effective price point. That was the impetus behind SenzaCaster®.

Michael J. Parks

Chief Data Officer/Principal

Michael is the co-founder of Datapipe LLC, a leading managed services and cloud provider. Datapipe is a worldwide services provider of highly complex IT solutions.

Michael was the company’s CIO/CTO as well as a member of the board of directors for the first ten years and currently serves as Chief Data Center Officer for Datapipe. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing Tier 4 data centers worldwide.

As Chief Data Officer, Michael brings his extensive knowledge base of everything cloud-related to Senza Tech, LLC.

Thomas Van Stockum

Director of Operations

With over 10 years of video engineering and technical management experience, Thomas is well-versed in the operational and logistical demands of the broadcast production workflow.

His diverse resume as a freelancer put him at the cutting edge of video technology. Thomas served as chief engineer on a wide array of productions for brands such as Comedy Central, Sports Illustrated, American Express, Bank of America, Sotheby's, Chase and Lincoln Center.

Since joining the Senza Tech, LLC team, Thomas has continued to provide unique video solutions to both broadcast and corporate clients. His experience in logistics and practical problem solving has made him a unique and valuable resource to our clients at Senza Tech, LLC.